Remixed Covers of the Classic Meow Mix Jingle

Meow Mix, who previously released an EDM remix of their iconic jingle in 2014, slowed things down a bit with country stars Hearts and Paws singing an acoustic duet of the very same jingle.

Meow Mix is always on the prowl for today’s freshest feline musicians. That’s why we’re bringing you Meow ReMix: our classic jingle re-imagined by talented cats like country sweethearts, Heart & Paws.

This heartwarming cover is part of Meow ReMix, an extended Spotify playlist that includes a pretty pop version, a danceable salsa version, a hardcore heavy metal version, and a very horn-forward jazz version of the jingle. More information about these feline artists is available on the Meow Mix Remix site.

via Nerdist