Woodworker Carves a Colorful River of Melted Crayons Into a Handmade Wood Table

Woodworker Chris Salomone of Four Eyes Furniture had an idea one day to put a couple of broken crayons to use in a table that he was making. He cut a rivet in the table, placed the crayons inside and then used a blow torch to melt them down. His first try was good.

A few months ago I needed a break from a #woodworking project, so I grabbed a piece of scrap wood and melted some crayons into it. It looked really cool, so I decided to take it to the next level and make an entire coffee table with inlaid crayon wax. I think it came out looking really good…but it might not be the most practical table.

His next try was even better.

…I made a video where I tried out a new technique of melting crayons into the river of a waterfall coffee table. It came out looking nice, but I got several questions about the durability. In this video I fix the durability issue by adding a nice layer of Epoxy over it.

Pretty soon, Salomone was expertly creating colorful rivers made of melted crayons into his handmade wood tables with beautiful results.

via Rated Modern Art