Anthony Sullivan Introduces the McDonald’s Frork, A Plastic Utensil That Uses French Fries as Fork Tines

In an amusing pseudo-infomercial, outspoken pitchman Anthony Sullivan loudly and proudly introduced the McDonald’s “Frork”, a plastic utensil that employs three french fries as the tines of a fork. The Frork is meant to make mopping up fallen burger trimmings easier and more tasty, as ably demonstrated by Sullivan.

McDONALD’S AND ANTHONY SULLIVAN HERE (yes, THAT Anthony Sullivan) for our new favorite utensil. It’s like a fork, but with fries… a fry fork… a Frork™! It’s the perfect(ish) utensil for picking up any premium toppings that may fall out of our new Signature Crafted Recipes sandwiches. And that’s not all! Call 1-844-McD-FRORK (623-3767) NOW to find out more about the new sandwiches and how you might get your very own Frork™! We can’t WAIT to show you what’s next!