Master Designers Craft a ‘Final Fantasy’ Kitchen Knife Set, Replicating Weapons Used in the Games

On an episode of Super-Fan Builds (previously), designer and master builder Tim Baker and his team at Tim Baker Creations granted viewer Matt Key’s wish for Baker and his crew to make something that combines his fiancée Britney’s two favorite things: the Final Fantasy games and cooking. The crew decided to create a Final Fantasy kitchen knife set complete with a Masamune, Squall‘s Gunblade, Cloud‘s Buster Sword and Auran‘s Katana, all to be kept in an Ultros knife stand. Baker teamed up with the swordsmiths of Baltimore Knife and Sword Company to craft this build.

So we teamed up with the Baltimore Knife and Sword folks over at Man at Arms, and they made the steel. We made all the hilts and did all the decorations. With Auran’s Katana, it’s brass, leather, it’s all hand fabricated. We have Cloud’s Buster Sword – it’s all pure silver and hand-fabricated bronze and brass tips. Matsamune, its real sting-ray skin and the Gunblade’s chromed with almost an ounce of silver in the charm at the end.