Marvel to Release Variant Homage Comic Book Covers Featuring Groot & Rocket Raccoon From ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Superior Iron Man 1 variant by Tom Fowler
Superior Iron Man #1 variant by Tom Fowler

In celebration of Groot and Rocket Raccoon, two of the tough and lovable characters from Marvel‘s popular new film Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel will be releasing 20 variant covers created by talented artists in November 2014 featuring the dynamic duo. Each variant will be a homage to a classic comic book cover, such as: Iron Man #128 (1968), The Avengers #4 (1963), and many others.

Avengers 38 variant by Chip Zdarsky
Avengers #38 variant by Chip Zdarsky

Captain America & The Mighty Avenger 1 variant by Ulises Farinas
Captain America & The Mighty Avenger #1 variant by Ulises Farinas

images via Comics Alliance, Ryan Penagos, and credited artists

via Comics Alliance