Mark Hamill Talks About His Love of Voice Acting While Demonstrating His Remarkable Talent for Impressions

While promoting the new reboot of the classic thriller film Child’s Play, the great Mark Hamill sat down with Peelahr Moore of Fandango to talk about how he felt voicing the character of Chucky, his longtime love for voice acting, his admiration of old-time voice actors, and how he discovered that he had a talent for doing impressions. Hamill happily demonstrated this talent with a quick improvisational round of impressions of beloved pop-culture characters, though later he was seemingly none too pleased with his performance.

Mark Hamill, voice of Chucky in the new ‘Child’s Play’ movie… give us a recording session of his takes on voiceover favorites like Shrek, Genie, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Pikachu!