Mark Growden Benefit Concert and Recovery Fund

Burning Man 2002

photo by Scott Beale

Our friend, talented local musician Mark Growden, was recently injured in a bicycle accident while training for the upcoming AIDS/Lifecycle Ride. A Mark Growden Benefit Concert has been organized for Saturday, March 29th at 12 Galaxies in San Francisco.

Here’s more on Mark from Katy Bell:

Our pal Mark Growden, the music man who has entertained us for so many years, needs our help. Mark was injured somewhat seriously in a bicycle accident a few weeks ago. He was riding his fancy roadbike, training for the upcoming AIDS Ride, and the frame of the bike snapped. He broke four or so bones in his back, and dislocated his shoulder. He cannot play his music, nor train for his ride, the two things he was focusing most of his time doing. The former was how he was paying the rent. He has lost his place to live. This is all on the heels of his efforts to get his health and his life back on track.

I’ve spoken with Mark some, and he is, in his own words, “spiritually strong,” and keeping his recovery on track which I find awesome in the face of this setback. But he does need a little help from his friends. A couple of us folks have taken up the case. I hope we can count on your help.

Here’s what we’re asking:

First, the easiest and most timely item, getting some cash in Mark’s pocket. He has a paypal account set up through his email:
If you can afford to send him some scratch, please do asap.

Second, Mark had scheduled a benefit at 12 galaxies on March 29 to raise funds for his AIDS Ride. This is now, as Sister Mable puts it, A Benefit for the Being of Mark Growden. Please mark your calendars and attend this show. It will be amazing.

While writing this post I dug up a photo I shot of Mark performing on the Center Camp stage at Burning Man 2002. Here’s hoping Mark has a quick and full recovery.

photo by Scott Beale