A Lively Video Map of New York City Showing Exactly Where Each Marvel Cinematic Universe Event Occurred

Vanity Fair has put together a really fun, well-researched video map of New York City that shows exactly where each event occurred within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Each location is plotted in its respective neighborhood with a film clip showing what took place at the time. Also included is information about where CGI was used to recreate the location on the map. If you were to go to each location consecutively, you’d be traveling over 50 miles within the borders of New York City.

From where Steve Rogers wakes from his coma in Captain America, to the Chrysler building where Thor calls down his lightning in The Avengers, to Tony Stark’s headquarters in the MetLife building and the Staten Island Ferry where Spider-Man and Vulture fought during Spider-Man: Homecoming, see 54.3 miles of New York City in Marvel movies.