An Exhilarating Experimental Film That Combines Incredible Trick Skiing With Stop Motion Animation

“Manöver” (Maneuvers) by Sämi Ortlieb of Level 1 Productions is a truly exhilarating experimental short film that combines all the incredible moves of a trick skier with the wonders of stop motion animation. The film is in constant motion as snow paths, ramps, and obstacles form instantly in response to the needs of the skier. Ortlieb explained to the Vimeo blog what inspired him to make this film.

The original idea was to create something I would describe as ‘landscape animation.’ The idea is to bring an environment to life with stop motion animation, using the material provided by the environment. … I really wanted to push the idea of landscape animation. To bring the environment we ski in to life and to create a playground where the mountains interact with the skiers.”

Maneuvers Sami Ortleib Ski Stop Motion Animation

via Vimeo Staff Picks