Compassionate Man Carries Three Small Beached Sharks Back to Deeper Water With His Bare Hands

Naude Dreyer, an incredibly compassionate man who has made it his life’s work to help marine animals in distress, very calmly described how he rescued three small sharks who had beached themselves in a shallow tide pool.

Naude Dreyer is a wildlife enthusiast from Namibia. So when he got a call about sharks that were trapped in a tide pool, he knew he had to help!

Dreyer explained that the sharks get agitated when they are in shallow water, so he had to be very careful when approaching them. When they calmed down a bit, he simply picked them up, one at a time, and carried them back to deeper depths. Luckily, Dreyer is the owner of Pelican Point Kayaking in Wavis Bay, Namibia, so transporting animals back to sea is not a problem at all. Dreyer is also a founder of Ocean Conservation Namibia.

Dreyer has been also known to rescue wayward seals, particularly those caught in fishing nets and lines.