Man Rescues Abandoned Kitten, Names Her ‘Luna’ And Documents Her First Day At Home

Luna the Rescued Kitten With Different Eyes

A man who goes by the name hiblue documents the day he rescued an abandoned kitten with different colored-eyes that was living at his friend’s granite shop in an industrial area.


He noticed that the cat was starving and fed her with food that “cost 2 bucks from a corner store a few blocks away”.

Luna Being Fed

It was love at first sight.

Petting Luna

hiblue took the kitten home, named her Luna and gave her a much needed bath.

Luna in Bath

Luna also learned how to use the litter box.

Luna - Litter Box

And then made herself right at home. Because she was.

Luna Lap Cat

Luna Computer

Luna At Rest

via The Chive, Neatorama