Man Demonstrates His Remarkable Balancing Skills

Aleksei Shlega is a remarkable performance artist who is able to balance objects on top of other objects despite their weight, density, and porosity.

(translated) I have a unique superpower, thanks to which I can change the gravity of any object. 

As he quite skillfully demonstrates, no object presents a challenge to him. Shlega has balanced towers of beer mugs, wine glasses, and musical instruments. In some of his more unusual performances, Shlega balanced a hairdryer on a nose-first iron which was sitting atop balancing stones. He also set a shot glass atop an ax that was balanced on a single stone.

(translated) …I often see in the comments that I violate the laws of physics. But I do not agree with this, on the contrary, I strictly observe the laws of physics, thanks to which I create such installation

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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