78 Year Old Former Baltimore City Planner Completely Covers Himself in a Blue Tattoo After Retiring

“Out of the Blue” by filmmaking duo Steven Hoover and Jonathan Bregel of friendzone is a fascinating short film about Jim Hall, aka “The Blue Comma”, a 78 year old former Baltimore city planner (and Bregel’s neighbor), who, upon retirement decided to complete the enormous blue tattoo he started in 1967. Having no one to answer to, Hall covered his hands and his face with the blue design.

Hall also decided that he wanted more testicles, so he found a plastic surgeon who inserted three more. Hall explained that he enjoys the freedom of manipulating his body as he pleases.

A 78-year-old man covered his body with one beautiful tattoo. The retired Principal City Planner for Baltimore talks about trees, consciousness, letting go of life and his genitals.

The filmmakers spoke with Vimeo about their inspiration for the film.

The inspiration for the film was Jim. He’s such a passionate, friendly, open-minded, and courageous man — a role model of sorts. Jim was the first person that Jon (Bregel, co-director) met on the block of his new home in Baltimore, MD. Jim welcomed Jon into the neighborhood by sharing in-depth stories about the history of Baltimore. …Jim is a free bird so there wasn’t much effort on our parts to get him to open up and talk candidly.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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