Acrobatic Man Breaks His Own Guinness World Record by Climbing an Amazing 36 Metal Steps With His Head

Incredibly acrobatic Chinese athlete Li Longlong broke his own Guinness World Record for the most consecutive stairs climbed with his head. The previous record, which set by Li Longlong and Zhao Xiaolong, was for an impressive 34 steps. Li broke that record quite easily with an amazing 36 steps.

A lot of us would find a headstand challenging enough, however Li Longlong (China) can not only stand on his head but walk on it too! Li, who is from Henan province of mainland China, has held the record for most consecutive stairs climbed on the head since 2012.

The rules for this record-setting are quite stringent.

The strict rules for this grueling challenge insist that the participant must not pause for more than five seconds between steps and that no part of the body other than the head may touch them.

Climbing a Set of Stairs With Head

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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