Muddy Malamute Hides in Plain Sight at Bath Time

After a day of running around at the beach and jumping into the water, a muddy Malamute named Phil attempted to hide in plain sight when his humans insisted upon a bath. The incredibly strong and stubborn dog became an immovable object as they tried to get him into the tub. Once that task was accomplished however, Phil shut his eyes and whined while just standing in the water. When they broke out the shampoo, Phil stuck his nose into his human’s knee and tried to tolerate it the best he could.

Poor Phil tried to unsuccessfully hide in the first part of this limited bath time series. He was under the illusion of the age old ‘ I can’t see you so you can’t see me ‘ trick. Phil loves to get in every pond/puddle or source of water you can imagine, but when it comes to B A T H time, he hates it. He’s not scared or in pain don’t worry, he just likes to try and make you feel sorry for him! Because he’s so big, he tries to make it hard and leans against you. Tactful dog!