Making Your Smartphone “Smarter” By Tagging Devices Using ToothTag

The coolest ‘new thing’ I saw at SXSW this year was at the gdgt party (of course!). It was there that I met Dave Mathews, CEO of a company called NeuAer, who was showing off their app called ToothTag.

Built on NeuAer’s open ProxPlatform, Toothtag allows your Android smartphone to ‘tag’ other devices that are around you, like smartphones or WiFi access points. You can then set rules for certain actions to happen when you are nearby these tags in the future. So if you and a friend have tagged each other’s phones, and you are working at the coffee shop, a song you assigned would start playing when your friend walks by the coffee shop letting you know they are outside. Drop a pin on Google Maps where you park your car and navigate back to it later with precision. Need some mayorships to add to your Foursquare profile? Set Toothtag to automatically check you into the places you normally visit. You can download Toothtag right now at the Android Market. An iPhone/iPad version is planned to happen in the future.

Toothtag is only a showcase app of the ProxPlatform that it is built upon. What Dave really wants is for developers out there to take it to the next level and make creative new ideas with it. The platform supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and Near field communication technologies, and interested developers can learn more at