Make Something People Love: Lessons From a Startup Guy by reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian

Make Something People Love

Make Something People Love: Lessons From a Startup Guy is an eBook recently authored by reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. The book, published by hyperink, covers how to start a successful company by developing a product people need and how to make it stand out on the internet. Ohanian is also authoring a book tentatively titled Without Your Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made – Not Managed, due out in 2013. Make Something People Love is available for the Kindle, iPad, Nook and as a PDF.

So, you want to learn how to make a product people love—that’s great! But stop right there. Before you can make something people love, you have to make something people want . . .

What’s challenging and wonderful about the web is that tricks of perception alone will not work. Anything you create actually has to be good. No matter how much you try to convince someone to buy or use your product, they are always only a back button away from something more interesting.

The internet is the most efficient marketplace for ideas that has ever existed, but your competition is stiff, and comes in all forms.