Clever Magpie Trades Bottle Caps for Treats

Inventor Hans Forsberg created a wonderfully efficient machine that encourages wild birds to trade in found bottle caps for treats. Forsberg has taken the time to train the birds to put the bottle caps into a receptacle on one side of the machine and then pick up a delicious morsel from the distribution area on the other side. In this instance, a beautiful magpie landed onto the platform, inserted the bottle cap, and then received a just reward in the form of a yummy treat.

Yet another video where the magpies in my garden trades bottle-cap for food. High resolution

Magpie Trades Bottle Tops for Treats

Forsberg explained how he trained the birds to work with his machine as well as the mechanics involved in building it.

When a bottle-cap falls through the hole in the center of the board, a small piece of food (peanuts or dog-food) is presented at the food-bowl. My plan is that the magpies will, accidentally push bottle-caps into the hole, and ‘get the idea’.

Here are some early avian interactions with the machine.

via Mike Shouts

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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