Clever Magneto Action Figure That Holds Paperclips

Magneto Paperclip Holder reddit

Humvee13 shared an amusing photo of a detailed and posable Marvel Magneto action figure that very cleverly also holds onto paperclips with magnetic discs held in his outstretched hands.

I do spend a lot of my working day gingerly handing Magneto paperclips, or vice versa.

This action figure, which was created by sculptor Katsuhisa Yamaguchi for Revoltech Kaiyodo, is available for purchase through Amazon.

The king of magnetic fields Magneto is here! -The expressive way in which the thick cape is recreated definitely stands out. Nevertheless, its articulation mechanism is actually quite simple. The cape is full of creases and many different poses can be reproduced by just changing the angle of the joints slightly. It can be posed like when Magneto is descending to the ground, flapping around like during fights, floating etc., making it possible to recreate both still and dynamic positions. -The sturdiness of the body typical of American comics has been preserved. Magneto’s steel body never withers!

Thanks Chip Beale!