Magic Beard, Stop-Motion Video Full of Extraordinary Facial Hair Tricks

Minneapolis-based photojournalist and blogger Ben Garvin of St. Paul Pioneer Press has created “Magic Beard,” a stop-motion video where he shows off his extraordinary facial hair tricks. Ben used the iPhone app Stop Motion Studio by Cateater studio to capture his beard’s magical powers and applied final edits in Adobe Premiere Pro.

I built this stop motion video over time, lots of time. I originally thought I’d sit down and shave my beard and make a video but, as I quickly realized, stop motion videos can’t be made quickly. And I had more and more ideas as to how to make it fun, which made it take even longer. Shot mostly in my dining room, I set up my iPhone 5 on a little tripod and took a photo every 5 to 10 seconds.

When I showed it to my 7-year-old son he laughed so hard a small puddle appeared at his feet afterwards–a high bar!

via Extra Mustard