An Amazing Interactive Online Machine That Creates a Customizable M.C. Escher Metamorphosis

Escher Metamorphosis Machine

The Dutch media corporation NTR has put together “The Metamorphosis of Escher“, an amazing narrated visual tour about the legendary artist, which includes high resolution photos of his distinctively iconic art. Included in this tour is a DIY interactive Metamorphosis Machine lets users customize colors, shapes and directions of pre-designated Escher designs. Once the piece is made, it’s added to other user created pieces as part of an ongoing, endless stream.

In the interactive documentary The metamorphosis of Escher you can follow audio-tours about the work and life of M.C. Escher. …With the interactive comes the Metamorphosis Machine. Techniques which Escher developed by hand over the years are built into the ‘Metamorphosis Machine’. Make your own Escher work and become part of the endless metamorphosis.

M.C. Escher Metamorphosis

Choose Your Initial Shape

Metamorphose Escher


submitted via Laughing Squid Tips