Luthier Michael Greenfield Shows How He Creates Magnificent Guitars From Simple Slices of Wood

For their Canadian artisan series Oú Se Trouve, the filmmakers of Stereokroma created “Making a Guitar“. The filming took place over the course of five months and showcases the magnificent step-by-step process of talented Montreal musician and luthier Michael Greenfield of Greenfield Guitars as he and his apprentice Julien crafted several acoustic guitars from simple slices of wood.

Meet Michael Greenfield, a musician who began tuning, repairing, restoring, and making guitars in the 70s and since then has become a seasoned luthier of bespoke guitars. Having experience with vintage and antique guitar repair and restoration, he brings a unique insight to his craft, creating personalized musical instruments and functional works of art for artists, collectors and those who deserve the very best. His workshop is based in Montreal, where we visited over a period of 5 months, filming as he and his apprentice, Julien, transformed slices of spruce, ebony, mahogany, and other tree species into glistening guitars.