LovePalz, Internet-Connected Sex Toys For Long-Distance Lovers


LovePalz from Winzz are a pair of internet-connected sex toys for long-distance lovers. The unique toys — Zeus for men and Hera for the ladies — sense and transmit each partner’s actions to the other to simulate actual intercourse.

The speed sensor in Zeus will detect the speed of male action and send to the Hera, the female toy. Hera will reflect and match Zeus’s speed automatically. Hera on her part, will sense the pressure inside the toy based on the female’s reaction and then send that information to Zeus. Zeus’s air pump will configure its tightness automatically based on the received signal.

LovePalz are still available for pre-order, and will ship on March 29th.


via TechCrunch

Kimber Streams
Kimber Streams