Louis the French Bulldog Persistently Attempts to Rest His Head On His Human’s Moving Leg

The only thing that Louis, a rescued french bulldog, wants to do is to rest his weary head on his human Samantha‘s warm leg, but it just keeps moving. Despite the challenge, Louis creeps persistently along with Samantha’s leg until he finally gets what he wants. And after the year he’s had, this little guy deserves it.

Louis is a rescue French Bulldog from Short Mugs Rescue Squad out of Houston Texas. He lives with me, Samantha, in Dallas Texas. He came to me as a hospice foster dog, with a diagnosis of end stage heartworms and possibly cancer. We made the tough decision to try to cure his heartworms with “super slow kill”, or just giving him heartguard monthly to kill off the baby heartworms, while the adults died naturally. We did this for one year and he seemed ok throughout the process. At his recent x-ray (04/14) we are happy to report that there are NO signs of heartworms in this little guy. What they thought was cancer was actually just the heartworms throwing the xray. He’s a trooper! I officially adopted him April of 2013, even with his cancer/heartworm hospice situation, because he is the most precious, loving, squishy frenchie boy I’ve ever seen.