The Loaded Warrior, A Road Warrior Remake With Cyclecide and Beer

San Francisco’s renegade two-wheel tribe Cyclecide star in a 15-minute homage to the post-apocalyptic classic Road Warrior (aka Mad Max 2) called The Loaded Warrior created by Jay Broemmel, Taylor Fitzgerald, and Steven Bellesiles. Their film covers all the major scenes of the original movie, retold in a world of bicycles rather than cars, where the riders are fueled by the rare, powerful substance known as beer.

Director Jay Broemmel’s nightmarish vision of the post apocalyptic future without beer. A remake of the 1982 movie, MAD MAX 2, The Road Warrior replaces cars with bikes and gas with beer. Starring many members of Cyclecide Bike Rodeo and machines by SLOUCHcycles including an actual flying pedal powered helicopter. A film by Jay Broemmel, Taylor Fitzgerald, and Steven Bellesiles. Warning: contains violence, nudity, drunkenness, & exploding Pomeranians.

Pile o Bikes

photo by Laird

The film features numerous mutant bicycles which is exactly what Cyclecide is known for: elaborately modified bikes and carnival-style rides assembled from the bones and guts of many bikes. Their traveling road show The Cyclecide Bike Rodeo has been featured at Maker Faire, Coachella Festival, Bumbershoot, as well as touring the US many times. Not to mention countless events around the San Francisco Bay Area, always accompanied by Los Banos the Cyclecide band.

Here’s a little history of the group from their co-founder Jarico Reese, speaking after the 2007 Bumbershoot Festival:

And here’s a look at some of the fantastic custom bikes designed and built by Loaded Warrior director Jay Broemmel:

submitted by Steven Nelson