Little Girl Joyfully Dances to a Street Musician Playing ZZ Top’s La Grange While She’s Waiting for the Bus

‘Waitin’ for the bus’ was a song off the same album, but it sure fits this video. Please read the title. It says ‘Waiting for the bus should always be like this.’ That is a statement, not a song title. I KNOW it’s la grange, and so does everyone else.

While recording his own stellar performance of the classic ZZ Top song “La Grange” on his GoPro, Vancouver street musician Shatnershairpiece captured the absolutely adorable sight of a little girl in a blue dress with her hair in braids dancing her little heart out as she waited for the bus.

I don’t often see this, but when it happens it’s always 99% of kids that are doing it. Before they become jaded (age 8), they still have that spontaneous spark, that reaction to music that we all used to have. …Waiting for the bus should always be like this.

The song “LaGrange” is from the album Tres Hombres, which also features a song called “Waitin’ for the Bus”, a fact that certainly wasn’t lost on the guitarist.

via Kraftfuttermischwerk