Liminality: Art on the Threshold

Paul Andrew Hayes

The group art show “Liminality: Art on the Threshold” opens this Thursday, March 8th at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. The show runs through June 3rd and features works by Paul Andrew Hayes, Seyed Alavi, Alex Clausen, Erica Gangsei and Lead Pencil Studio. Thursday’s opening night event features installations and performances by Kal Spelletich, Joe Mangrum, Project Bandaloop and several other artists.

For this exhibition, six artists created works inspired by the compelling open architecture of the Palace of Fine Arts. As an architecturally liminal environment, the Palace moves us to explore the constantly evolving relationship between ourselves and the constructed world. Within this place of in-between, we are encouraged to think with abandon, unfettered by the confines of the old or the expected. We hope that you will enter this free-mind zone and think about how architecture affects you, and how it may—or may not—encourage people to relate to each other and to the spaces around them.

photo credit: Paul Andrew Hayes
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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