19 Year Old Domino Artist Shares Her Motivation for Creating Wonderfully Elaborate Temporary Displays

The talented Lily Havesh, who designs wonderfully elaborate domino displays, sat down with the Wired series Obessed to talk about her passion for the medium. Havesh spoke about the joy she gets from setting up the designs and then knocking them down, the occasional criticism she receives for calling her displays art and the amount of time it takes to create a display, her incredible popularity on YouTube and her decision to make a career out her art, at least for now.

I’m getting a lot of inquiries I’m able to sustain myself and I don’t really need a degree to do what I’m doing.if I want to go back to college in the future I can. That’s always an option but I already have the job that I want. The best part for me is seeing something that I work so hard on, worth all the way through after, sometimes even spending weeks planning and building it. I finally get to see the payoff when I knock and when I see that last domino fall, that’s like the best part. Like that’s what I live for.