Light L16, A Revolutionary New Portable Camera Featuring 16 Individual Camera Modules In One Camera Body

Light Camera

Light L16 is a revolutionary new portable camera with a wide array of lenses and optical zoom capabilities. The Light has 16 individual camera modules all in the same camera body, 10 of which fire simultaneously and are combined to form a 52-megapixel photo. The device is powered by Android, so photos can be shared to social media the same way users share photos with their smartphones. The Light is also Wi-Fi enabled, so it can sync photos automatically.

Robert Scoble spoke with Light CEO Dave Grannan who demonstrated the camera and explained what makes the Light so unique.

Light is offering a $400 discount to people who reserve the camera now. It is expected to ship to the first round of buyers in the United States in late summer 2016.

Light Lens Array

Chess pieces photo taken with Light camera

Skateboarder photo taken with Light camera

Pelican on a pier photo taken with Light camera

photos via Light

via Robert Scoble