Lifelike Full-Body Muscle Suits That Range From Lean to Mega-Sized Muscle Tones

Standard Muscle Suit

Flex Design Costumes has created an impressive collection of full-body muscle suits that range from lean to mega-sized muscle tones. If the Hulk-like Mega size is still too small, they also offer custom suits by request for taking anyone’s fake muscles beyond the extreme. The muscle suit are available to purchase, in a full range of colors, from their online store.

We previously wrote about Adam Savage and his amazing muscle suit that he had made by Flex Design Costumes.

Mega Muscle Suit

Mega Muscle Suit

Flex Design Costumes has also announced that they will soon be releasing a premium line of character costumes that will be built over top of their muscle suits. They recently showed off a few photos of their custom Deadpool costume.


Deadpool Muscle Suit

photos via Flex Design Costumes

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