Woman Describes Life With Eight Rescued Dachshunds

A woman named Grace described to The Dodo what it was like living with eight rescued dachshunds and a cat named Simon. She calls her beloved dogs as “The Weens” and loves that they eat and sleep together.

Meet the Weens!!! Boots, Bandit, Peanut, Plopper, Tubby, Punkin, Einstein, Meatball, and Simon the cat!!! Excited to show you guys what our life is like.

She also talks about how she’s had to re-arrange her home to make it accessible for their little legs, how they love to go on walks and runs with her, and how they make their own dance party whenever they go to the car wash.

 One day after we went on a run I was like you know what let’s go to the car wash, the car is kind of dirty. Once the little brushes started and then the water was hitting the windows and then the lights turned on, you just see all of them wake up and they’re all like what is this? What’s going on? They all get super excited, they’re barking and they’re wagging their tails, so once I realized that the weens just love being at the car wash ,it became like a routine for us.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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