Leslie Jones Will Come to Your Thanksgiving Dinner and Shut Down Conversations by Annoying Relatives

A hilarious sketch on The Daily Show features the services of the wonderfully outspoken Leslie Jones, who will come to your Thanksgiving dinner and shut down any type of disruptive conversations by annoying relatives that take place for just $29.99. This includes Jones’ unique style of insults, threats, schooling, and just plain old yelling in someone’s ear.

This Thanksgiving, don’t worry about how to handle your annoying relatives. For $29.99, Leslie Jones will teach you how to shut down awkward conversations

Leslie Jones Shuts Down Annoying Thanksgiving

On a separate note, Jones finally got a chance to interview NBC national political correspondent Steve Kornacki, who, according to Jones, is the sexiest nerd on TV. Needless to say, she was thrilled and a bit breathless during the interview.