Leisure On The Lens, A Supercut Tribute to the Best Tracksuits Worn in Movies

Travis Greenwood has teamed up with Las Vegas video editor Robert Jones to create “Leisure On The Lens,” a supercut tribute to the best tracksuits worn in movies.

From the humble to the flashy, film’s most iconic tracksuits take centerstage in this new video that cuts across genres and decades, fabrics and fads. Stitched together from 74 movies— some, box office smashes (Rocky, Back To The Future), the others a measure more obscure (La Haine, Dope) — this fashion-forward supercut is a convenient reminder that if comfort is king, nothing is more lordly than being swaddled in soft, synthetic fibers from head-to-toe.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Justin Page
Justin Page

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