An Incredible LEGO Mega Factory That Builds Miniature Log Cabins Out of Cucumbers

The very talented person behind The Brick Wall has built an incredible LEGO Mega Factory that cuts, shapes, and stacks cucumbers to make miniature log cabins.

Each precisely engineered piece moves in perfect synchronization to ensure the build goes properly – this includes cutting the ends off from the vegetable, cutting square notches, cutting logs for door and windows, drilling holes for drift pins, and moving the individually notched cucumbers of the structure into place. All in all, the whole project used 18 cucumbers.

Number of Cucumbers: 18, destroyed 6

Number of motors: 21

Number of BuWizz controllers: 7

Number of Lego pieces: 23K+

Size: 160x110x55 cm 64 x44x22 in

The person says that it was a crazy idea but a great way to spend a snow day.

An insane idea becomes reality. It took 83 days of planning, dreaming, building and filming. At the end, I was waiting for a perfect snow day and just one day exactly!

A playground was also built for this cucumber community.

Building the Cucumber Playground
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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