Actress Laurie Metcalfe’s Amazing Ability to Play Comedic Roles Just As Easily as Dramatic Roles

In an episode of the IMDb series No Small Parts, host Brandon Hardesty takes a look a the long and varied career of Laurie Metcalf, the superb actress who came to the world’s attention playing Jackie Harris, Roseanne Connor’s sister in the long running series Roseanne. Since that time, Metcalf has portrayed a variety of characters with varying personalities ranging from the very colorful to very authoritative and has proven that she can play comedic role as easily as a serious role. Where she shines however is when the two are combined, like in her role as Marion McPherson in Lady Bird.

In addition to high-profile projects like “Roseanne” and ‘Lady Bird,’ veteran actress Laurie Metcalf has been playing strong supporting characters in film and television since the 1980s. “No Small Parts” takes a look at her storied acting career.