Laughing Squid Stickers

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Here’s how you can obtain your very our Laughing Squid vinyl stickers.

Purchase Laughing Squid Stickers

We’re selling two of our classic green stickers plus one button for $1 on Cotton Bureau (plus shipping).

Our t-shirts are also available on Cotton Bureau.

Send SASE for Laughing Squid Stickers

If you want free stickers, just send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to StickerGiant and they will mail some free stickers out to you. Please allow a few weeks for your stickers to be sent out.

Laughing Squid
880 Weaver Park Road
Longmont, CO 80501

Postage should be First Class US Mail under 1 oz (ie. regular postage for a letter) and the stickers are 2.75” x 2.75”, so you will need to send an envelope that fits that size.

The SASE option is only for people who live in the US.

It turns out that some people are unfamiliar with the concept of a SASE. We can only mail out stickers if you include a return envelope with unused postage. We’ve noticed more and more that people are mailing us, but not including a SASE.

Please note, SASE are sent at your own risk, we are not responsible for SASE that are lost in the mail or otherwise don’t make it to us.

Also, please only one request per home for free stickers. Duplicate requests will not be filled.

Special thanks to Matt Dong, who created our logo. We are eternally grateful for the amazing design he created for us and we get amazing feedback on it all of the time.

We print all of our our stickers using StickerGiant (here are some photos of their headquarters). They do a really great job, at reasonable price. Here’s a fantastic video they made that shows the process of how they create our slikscreened 2-color vinyl Laughing Squid stickers.