Laughing Squid Sponsors Frank’s Chu Sign

Frank Chu

photo by Scott Beale

UPDATE – As of October 1, 2013 Frank Chu’s sign is now open for others to sponsor.

Laughing Squid is now the proud sponsor of the back of Frank Chu’s famous sign that he diligently carries all around San Francisco. Frank has had a long history with Laughing Squid and has even spoken on stage at some of our previous events.

When I originally put the call for photos of the sign, criollo was the first to get the shot.

If you have a photo of Frank Chu and the back of his sign with the Laughing Squid logo, please add it to the Flickr group.

Special thanks to Kevin Mathieu for the tip and Signographics for making the sign.

For more on Frank Chu, check out the excellent mini documentary “Lunch Inside The 12 Galaxies” by James Dirschberger (Eighty Four Films).

Here’s Frank Chu giving an update on the 12 Galaxies at an Ask Dr. Hal show in 2007.