Laughing Squid Paradise Lost Missed Connections


Not to feel left out, in addition to the TechCrunch party missed connection, our Paradise Lost event on Saturday had a couple of its own craigslist missed connections:

Cute punk girl at laughing squid party on Saturday night – m4w – 29

My brother and I went to the laughing squid party last night at flora grub gardens, and were standing by the cyclecide 2-person ferris wheel when you caught our eyes. We both saw you occasionally glance over at us, but are unsure as to who you were looking at. We both thought you were pretty damn sexy! You were wearing and black&red stockings with black short shorts over that, and you had short hair. You were with some guy, who you eventually rode the ferris wheel with.

Just want to tell you that you are damn sexy, and were wondering who you were checking out. Thanks!

Katie from Cambria (Laughing Squid’s Paradise Lost) – m4w (bayview)

Charon Springs is the name of that farm {though i’ve just received some negative reviews on it via hostel Obispo}. Anyways, i enjoyed our brief chat ‘fore homeboy showed up with his banter. And then there was that other guy .. hey & i thought you were single. Well maybe you are – so why not prove it. :~)/.

Please, help these hopeless romantics make their connections.

Thanks to Cathy for the tip!

photo credit: Andrew Mager
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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