John Deere Collaborates With Golf Retailer PING to Build the Largest Golf Putter in the World

Engineers at John Deere collaborated with designers at golf retailer PING to create the largest golf putter in the world. This giant motorized half-excavator, half-putter, which was based on PING’s iconic Anser design, was put to the test at the John Deere Classic and performed exceptionally well. Of course, a giant golf ball and accompanying hole needed to be created for this amusing demonstration.

The putter head was meticulously designed with iconic features of Ping’s famous Anser putters, with John Deere tractor-inspired designs interweaved throughout. For example, the face “insert” of the putter is an ode to the grill of John Deere tractors and excavators, and the yellow colorway is an obvious shoutout to the iconic John Deere-yellow color featured on its machines and products.

via Golf Week, The Awesomer

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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