Nomadic Couple Can Turn Their Land Rover Defender Into a Tiny Home With Just the Press of a Button

Brice and Irina Bader of Wild Fennec are a nomadic couple who particularly enjoy off-road adventures. With this thought in mind, they decided to remodel their Land Rover Defender so that it would turn into a tiny home of sorts at the touch of a button. It takes approximately 43 seconds to make this transformation. The couple made the interior just as transformational as the exterior.

To take advantage of the limited size within a standard wheelbase, the couple placed a lot on tracks: the dining table/benches slide to make room for a shower stall (rainshower fixture included); the toilet slides out from within the stall. With the push of other buttons, the bed drops down from the ceiling on wires and the back rack drops down into an instant deck.

The couple is currently looking for investors in order to mass market this idea.

via Ryan Lackey

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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