Teenagers Jump Off Moving Boats to Deliver Mail

Every summer, Wisconsin teenagers audition to become the next Lake Geneva mail jumpers in a long history of those who came before them. The teens are put to the test by jumping off the moving U.S. Mailboat Walworth and then running to a deckside mailbox, and racing back onto the still-moving craft in time.

The challenge is to dash to the mailbox and race back to the boat before it pulls away. The boat slows down but never stops so you have to be quick. In order to get a job, tryouts are required and each employee must wear a life vest.

Not only do the jumpers deliver mail but they also act as tour guides for those visiting the area by water. This particular job began in 1919 (for men and in 1974 for women) and has continued through the present day.

2022 marks the 106th anniversary of our US Mailboat! We look forward to this summer and another amazing season running June 15 – September 15.

via b3ta