Kylo Ren Gives a Truly Honest Review of Rogue One

Appearing to be in somewhat calmer state than when he watched the trailers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the excitable Kylo Ren sat down to give an honest review of the film in a new video by the Auralnauts. Now the dark warrior didn’t hold back on his criticism of the movie, nor did he give up a chance to make fun of the characters or to praise the ingenuity of the Empire-constructed K-2SO, despite the fact that the robot switched sides. The most poignant part of the review when Kylo Ren spoke of his grandfather Darth Vader in glowing terms.

Tet’s talk about the real star of this movie – Grandfather. First of all I hated
to not play grandfather. This was a big deal for obvious reasons. Second are you kidding? Grandfather. Seeing grandfather in all of his glory brought a single tear to my eye. Followed by several more individual tears. The first time we see if he’s in a bacta tank on Mustafar removed from his iconic armor, exposed and vulnerable. I really identified with this scene because Grandfather’s physical appearance reflects my own inner self don’t get it struggling to hold on to any remaining humanity. Besides what kind of a badass returns to the place he lost everything you ever cared about and builds a freaking castle? That was a rhetorical question by the way. The answer is grandfather.