‘Kyle and Nissa’, A Parkour Expert and His Border Collie Perform Tricks Together in Slow Motion Video

In “Kyle and Nissa,” a slow-motion video by BeyondSlowMotion, the parkour expert Kyle Mendoza and his incredibly talented dog Nissa perform tricks together for filmmaker Darren Dyk‘s cameras. According to Darren, the experience of working with both man and dog was memorable.

Shooting with Kyle & Nissa was one of my favorite projects from this year. Kyle is an amazing guy with some serious talents and he has an incredibly positive outlook on life and people. Nissa is one of the most adorable and straight up intelligent dogs I have ever met. She remembered my name from the first time Kyle said it in front of her and she would perform her tricks with anybody she considered a friend (basically everybody!). What a fun experience.

via Tastefully Offensive