Kurt Quinn Demonstrates His Talent for Talking Backwards During a Series of Unusual Situations

Destin Sandlin, host of Smarter Every Day invited fellow vlogger, banjo player and comedian Kurt Quinn to his home in Alabama to get a personal demonstration of Quinn’s unique talent of phonetically talking backwards. Throughout this demonstration, Sandlin put Quinn into a series of very unusual situations, which included talking backwards to entire menagerie of animals, talking backwards while standing in between two AK-47 rifles simultaneously firing, but the thing that almost broke Quinn’s big brain, was trying to talk backwards while playing the banjo.

I felt good while i was doing this song that i’ve played a million times and you through the word in and then my brain just forgot about this [the banjo]. …give me a break, what are we doing if not doing it right?

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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