Krampusfest 2013, Demonic Krampus of European Christmas Tradition is Coming to Los Angeles


Christmastime in parts of Central Europe means a visit by two traditional figures, kindly St. Nicholas and his terrifying sidekick, Krampus. While St. Nick hands out gifts to good children, Krampus deals out punishment to bad children. This year Krampus is coming to Los Angeles for Krampusfest, December 5 to 21, organized by Al Ridenour and several former members of the Los Angeles Cacophony Society. Krampusfest will consist of a series of Krampus-themed events, each attended by a dozen or more Krampuses (Krampi?) from the Krampus Los Angeles Troupe. Highlights include a Krampus Ball on December 7 and a traditional Krampus Run at the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk on December 12. The Krampusfest website has info on how to participate.


Krampus LA

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

photos by Phil Glau