A Marionette Named Marv Goes About His Quiet Life in the Music Video for the Kodacrome Song ‘Oh You Two’

In the stop-motion music video for the Kodacrome song “Oh You Two”, a big-eyed, handmade marionette named Marv goes about his quiet life, which includes driving home, doing his chores, working with his tools in the shed and reflecting nostalgically on his past through old films and records. Band members Elissa LeCoque and Ryan Casey built the entire set by hand at a 1/8 scale. Every detail was attended to, especially all of Marv’s tools.

It started out as a simple concept. A single marionette and his trusty tools to star in our next music video. But as soon as he had a few paintbrushes, he needed a set of variable wrenches, of course. And what reasonable handyman wouldn’t also have an electrically-wired bench grinder? And if you give a man a bench grinder, he will also need a pair of safety goggles. And so went the slippery slope that led us into a 6-month build of this tiny world. By the end, we knew the marionette (Marv, we called him) intimately.

LeCoque and Casey talk about creating Marv’s world in a wonderful behind-the-scenes video.

What began as a simple concept, snowballed into an all-consuming project, consisting of nine sets, electrically-wired lights and motors, and a borderline-obsessive stockpile of dollhouse-sized set pieces.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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