Kittyo, An App Connected Device That Lets Humans Interact With Their Cats When They Are Away From Home

Play With Your Cat. Even When You’re Not Home.

Kittyo is a fabulous all-in-one device that is part camera, part speaker, part laser toy and part treat dispenser that securely clamps to a wall. It also allows humans to interact with their cats from afar through a free smartphone app.

Feel badly when you’re away for hours? Now it’s time to shed your guilt, and connect with your cat even more. With the Kittyo app and device, you can remotely: activate sound to attract your cat, move laser around for your cat to play with, watch your cat have fun while providing exercise, push button to speak to your cat, record and share videos of your cat and dispense your cat’s favorite treats!

The creators are currently raising funds through Kickstarter for the completion of the first round of Kittyo’s.

Product Treat Dispenser

Kittyo App

via Alexis Ohanian

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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