A Tiny Mewing Kitten Trapped Inside the Bumper of a Tesla Model X Is Rescued at the Service Center

Over the weekend of June 17, 2017, a man named SU went out to his garage where he heard the plaintive mewing of a kitten coming from inside the bumper of his white Model X. Unsure of what to do, he went to the Tesla Service Center where a skilled technician gently pulled the reticent kitten out from the innards of the car. The kitten, who was subsequently named Tessie, found a home with one of the service center staff.

Woke up on a Saturday morning, went into my garage, and heard a meeooow- and I do not have a cat! After a thorough search, I located the meow coming from within my Model X’s rear bumper. …I love my Tesla Service Center! They rescued this beautiful kitten that had been trapped in my Model X’s rear bumper for probably over 14 hours, gave her water right away, AND one of the rescuers and his family offered to provide her with a new loving home.

A few days later, SU was out to his garage again to show where Tessie hid when saw another kitten of the litter and reflected upon the weekend that changed Tessie’s life.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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