Kevin Smith Celebrates Creative Ambassador Role at Vancouver Film School by Posting His 1992 Application

Director Kevin Smith publicly shared the news that he was appointed the Creative Ambassador at Vancouver Film School, his old Alma Mater. Smith celebrate this achievement by posting his 1992 application to the school online. Smith never graduated, but he did meet his Clerks partners Scott Mosier and David Klein during his short tenure.

Happy to announce that my alma mater, the Vancouver Film School, appointed me as their first Creative Ambassador ever – a title that means a great deal to this former VFS dropout! So I’ll be spending a lot more time in the Van at the school where I met Sam Mosier and David Klein and learned how to make Clerks.

The school is also very happy to have Smith on campus.

Smith famously began crafting what would become his breakout indie hit Clerks while attending Vancouver Film School with alumni and creative partners Scott Mosier and Dave Klein. As Creative Ambassador, Smith will be making a number of campus appearances in support of VFS students, including a Storyteller’s Studio AMA event. Smith will also be spearheading a new scholarship initiative for aspiring creatives wanting to attend Vancouver Film School.

Thanks Chip Beale!