Kevin Richardson aka ‘The Lion Whisperer’ on the GoPro HERO3+ Adventure Series

The fifth episode of the HERO3+ Adventure Series, spends time with Kevin Richardson, aka the “Lion Whisperer“, who has developed remarkable relationships with the animals in the wild reserve in Pretoria, South Africa to which he tends. His ability to relate to the animals and cuddle with them is amazing – it’s as if the animals accept him as one of their own and it is because of these relationships that he’s become very concerned with the decreasing numbers of wild species in Africa.

People around the world think that Africa is this place teeming with game. When a species disappears from a habitat, one has to look at why…It’s all about the habitat, habitat, habitat. Even reserves like this, the area is not big enough. You can drive for days and not see a single animal. But what I have been able to do with my unique relationships is capture people’s attention. It’s about trying to see the numbers in the wild increase and figuring out how to achieve it.

If you want to learn more about “The Lion Whisperer”, check out his biography, Part of the Pride: My Life Among the Big Cats of Africa. The 2009 video promoting the book is simply amazing.

video by GoPro, via Mandie4321

via BroBible, DIY Photography, PetaPixel